5,639,500 Unemployed in Spain

Unemlpoyment in Spain has risen by 365,900 in the first trimester, reaching a total of 5,639,500. The unemployment rate in Spain now stands at 24.44% according to the latest figures revelaed Friday by National Institute of Statistics. The number of households with all members out of a job rose to 1,728,400, an increase of 153,400 compared to the previous trimester. The number of households where all members are employed fell by 252,300, to 8,593,700. The autonomous community of Andalucia leads the unemployment figures with 1,329,000 unemployed, a rise of 81,100. The unemployment rate in Andalucia rose from 31.23% to 33.17% this trimester. Second in line is Catalonia with 836,900 people out of a job, an increase of 61,500, and an unemployment rate of 22.16%. Third place in terms of number of unemployed goes to Valencia with 681,400 without a job, and an unemployment rate of 27.32%.

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