An Update on Catalan Independence With Increasing Populism

‘A judge in Madrid has ordered eight members of the deposed Catalan government to be remanded in custody pending possible charges over last week’s declaration of independence. Carmen Lamela, sitting in Spain’s national court, jailed the eight former ministers – including Oriol Junqueras, deputy to the deposed president, Carles Puigdemont – on Thursday while they are investigated on possible charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds…’. From The Guardian here. Carles Puigdemont and five other members of the Catalonian government had meanwhile travelled to Brussels to escape Spanish justice, and were later allowed to stay as an international warrant creaks through the system. El Diario says that Puigdemont is prepared to stand as candidate for President in the December 21st elections, while Junqueras asks to be released from prison in Madrid to campaign in the Catalonian elections. The mayor of Terrassa has quit his post and his party, the PSC (the Catalonian PSOE) after differences with that party’s policies regarding independence. Jordi Ballart says that his party ‘has moved to the right’. The story at El Plural here. The parliamentary spokesperson for the Partido Popular, Rafael Hernando, says that if the Independents win, there’ll be another article 155 coming down the pipeline. La Vanguardia has the story here. According to El Nacional (a Catalonian source), The Times of London has published a blistering piece called ‘Rajoy’s Prisoners’. (There is similarity to Brexit and the Catalonia situation, it seems…). ‘Rajoy should stop trying to imitate Vladimir Putin’, we read.

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