Bottle Cap Challenge: 6 of the Best Efforts So Far From Across the Football World

​Social media continues to surprise us all and has once again come up with a new trend that has taken the world by storm. Started by taekwondo expert Farabi Davletchin on Instagram, the challenge consists of someone trying to kick a bottle cap off of a bottle without making contact with the bottle itself. ​​Many footballers have also taken up the challenge. Let’s have a look at who has done it best so far. The current ​MLS star is well renown for his acrobatics and is actually a martial arts expert. He was awarded a black belt in taekwondo when he was 17. This is made clear with his amazing bottle cap challenge attempt, and evidently, this is well up his alley. He also challenged ​Paul Pogba to have a go. ​The new ​Manchester City signing joined the club for a mammoth fee of £63m. However, Rodri clearly wanted to conquer the challenge in completely different fashion now he’s playing in a Manchester City shirt. The Spaniard threw a ball at the bottle, making sure to spin the cap off. Although he did make contact with the bottle too, it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. France and ​Manchester United midfielder Pogba may be a controversial figure on the pitch, but there is certainly nothing controversial about his bottle flip challenge attempt. The superstar responded to Ibra’s request with a brilliant effort, not just taking on one bottle, but two. Take a look. It’s not just professional footballers who are conquering the bottle cap challenge. Five-year-old Korbin Jackson put some professionals to shame with a brilliant long-range effort, dinking the ball​ onto the cap and opening the bottle for his dad to drink. Eat your hearts out Zlatan and Pogba. The former Manchester United and ​Tottenham striker​ was known for his close control and sensational touch. Well, Berbatov has now put that ability to good use in this challenge, with the best attempt seen so far. He hasn’t just knocked off the cap, but he’s gone the distance and taken it down on his foot too. Have a look below. The ​Liverpool goalkeeper is currently on loan at Besiktas after enduring a hard time in the Premier League. The German isn’t struggling to nail this challenge though, as he goes the simple route a la Zlatan, completing the challenge with ease.

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