Catalonia opens new delegation in Lisbon


Barcelona (CNA).- Portugal has been added this Monday to the list of countries which count upon a delegation of the Catalan Government. In total, the Catalan executive has now eight delegations abroad. The new office, located in Lisbon and headed by journalist Ramon Font, aims to “increase the economic and cultural relationships” between Catalonia and Portugal, which are “historic and very fluent”, stated Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva. He also stated that he considered Portugal “an important partner” for Catalonia and insisted on the need for Catalonia to be “connected” internationally. “Catalonia is willing to be, and has to be, a global actor and the delegations are a tool for Catalonia to have its own voice in the world”, added Romeva. 

The Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs stressed the “great potentialities” of both Catalonia and Portugal, which he defined as “close realities”, and insisted on the need to “reinforce the institutional relationship” between them. Although culture and economy will be the main points of attention, the new Delegate of the Catalan Government to Portugal, Ramon Font, assured that “the opportunities are immense”. “We don’t want to close any doors nor put any limits”, he added.

The new office is located in the central Liberdade Avenue, in Lisbon. Two other professionals will work side-by-side with the Delegate. The delegation to Portugal is to be added to those for France and Switzerland; the United Kingdom and Ireland; Germany; Austria; Italy; Belgium (the delegation to the EU institutions); and the US, Canada and Mexico.

“An opportunity” for the Spanish Government

Romeva assured that the Catalan Government aims to have “the best relationship” possible with both the Spanish Government and with the other countries. “The offer of dialogue will be constant; it would be nonsense to try to avoid other actors from having an international presence”, stated Romeva. “Our aim is not only that our presence wouldn’t be a problem, but an opportunity for the Spanish Government”, he added.

The Catalan Ministry for Foreign Affairs insisted that having an international presence is a “legal” mandate established in Catalonia’s Statute of Autonomy. Romeva defined the Catalan Government’s delegation network as a “democratic option” and an “economic” and “socio-political need” for Catalonia to be “connected to the world”.