EU threaten UK and Spain over pollution

The environmental watchdog of Europe has issued a warning to both Spain and the UK that their river and sea sewage spillage has got to stop, warning both countries that it will fine them as EU Members. Two officials of the European Commission stated on Thursday that the UK will be sued for its polluting of the River Thames. The EU decided that legal action could be taken against the UK, since the country allowed sewers to flow into London and Scottish rivers following heavy storms. It was estimated that more than 20,000 tons of raw sewage was disposed of into the River Thames killing hundreds of fish. Spain also received a warning for becoming negligent over sewage spills in the Playa de la Motilla region, in the eastern portion of the country. Spain is also facing the possibility of court imposed fines if they do not quickly clean up the mess and take action to stop further pollution. Those who swim at beaches in the affected region face risk of viruses and faecal bacteria from the sewage overspills.

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