Expats in Spain Face Uncertain Future as Britons Vote OUT in Brexit Referendum

Britons voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union yesterday. A whopping 52 per cent versus 48% per cent, voted in favor of Brexit. The vote has crushed the value of the pound, recording the biggest slump in over three decades and financial markets across the world slumped on the news. There has been no shortage of political debate on the subject, but British expats living in Spain are questioning how this move will affect their life in Spain. “I cannot believe this is happening” said Jessica Jones, a mother of two living on the Costa del Sol. “Relying on income from the UK, I have to ask myself, will I still be able to afford living in Spain?” added the self-made entrepreneur. Real Estate agents across Spain, are also wondering what will happen to the Spanish property market. Jeff Jones, a property agent based in Mallorca told us “Three of my clients have just confirmed they will not be going ahead with a purchase because of this” adding that “the drop in the value of sterling will certainly have an impact over the coming months”. Will Brits living in Spain need a visa? Will property ownership be affected? Will British health insurance coverage still be valid in Spain?

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