French union blasts ‘pee on a policeman’ lyrics for ‘inciting terrorism’

A small French police union is taking a school to court over a song children were to perform which include the lyric “to pee on a policeman”. “Syndicat France Police — policiers en colère”, a small union close to the far-right, said last week on Facebook that it had filed a complaint against the director of a primary school in Ludres, just south of the north-eastern city of Nancy. It accuses him of “incitement to terrorism, provocation of a minor to commit a crime or a crime and defamation,” for planning to have children sing a song entitled “To miss school”. Written in 2008 by singer-songwriter Guillaume Aldebert, it tells the story of a child who would do anything to not go to school including “walk around the house in pyjamas to catch a cold”, “tickle a panther” and “swallow two slugs” as well as “pee on a policeman”, “take my little sister hostage”, and “blow up the school with dynamite”. The union said it would also filed a complaint against Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer “for complicity if the latter does not immediately stop these offences”. “Letting the republic’s school become a school of hate testifies to the level of decay of our institutions and the degree of responsibility or irresponsibility of our politicians,” it added.

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