Greece storm: Two children among seven people dead in rare Halkidiki storm More than 140 people have also been injured, with a local hospital treating patients aged from eight months to over 70.

Two children are among seven people to have died after a severe storm struck a tourist hotspot in Greece. Gale-force winds, rain and hailstorms swept through the northern region of Halkidiki late on Wednesday, with two elderly tourists from the Czech Republic killed when strong winds and water hit their travel trailer. Two Russians – a man and a boy – died after a tree came down near their hotel in the town of Potidea, while a woman and an eight-year-old boy from Romania were killed after a roof collapsed on a restaurant in Nea Plagia. A body was also found at sea, identified as a local missing fisherman. More than 100 people have also been injured due to the extreme conditions, with a local hospital treating patients aged from eight months to over 70. Athansios Kaltsas, director of the Nea Moudania Medical Centre, where many of the injured were treated for fractures, said the weather was unprecedented. “It is the first time in my 25-year career that I have lived through something like this,” he told Greek television. “It was so abrupt, and so sudden.” Meteorologist Klearxos Marousakis described the conditions as “extremely unusual” for this time of year, with Greece accustomed to hot and dry summers. Crews are also working to restore power that was knocked out to 80% of the area, whilst the fire service said it had received more than 1200 requests for assistance. Temperatures had soared to around 37C (98.6F) in the days leading up to the storm. Some 140 firefighters are still operating in the area, which is located near the city of Thessaloniki and encompasses a number of scenic seaside towns and villages, with authorities having declared a state of emergency. Many homes and businesses have been left without power, with the winds having toppled electricity pylons. The citizens’ protections minister – newly appointed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis – was due to visit the region early on Thursday, although heavy rain was forecast to continue until around 9am local time (7am BST).

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