Growing Tourism in Barcelona, Rapidly Becoming a Problem for The City

Around 30 million visitors came to visit Barcelona in 2015 and the number is still increasing yearly. Many locals are not that amused about this prognosis. The municipal council has arranged to stop further construction of apartments and hotels. The politicians ordered this construction stop due to constant increase in tourism. Furthermore, there won´t be any new licenses issued for private tourism apartments. Property owners who still rent their own private property to travellers without permission, will have to pay high fines. Many Barcelona residents are complaining that “Barcelona is not for sale” and “we have lost our favourite street Rambla which has been occupied by the tourists”. The inhabitants say that they are scared to go out onto the street without being shoved around by the people. Another problem is that due to the tourism rush the real estate prices are increasing enormously and small shops in the old town like bakeries and grocery shops are forced to close or move away. Due to this circumstances civilians have began protesting on the streets, shouting slogans like: “Tourists go home”. “The stop for new guest beds is only the beginning” according to the vice mayor Janet Sanz and politicians are working on a new project that aims to control the numbers of visitors and to prevent the growing chaos. The crowd is even too much for the tourists themselves who are increasingly complaining that it is not even impossible to do sightseeing due to the long queues. One tourist from Germany was mourning to the press: “Many places we could not visit because we were not in the mood to stand in line for hours”.

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