Hillsborough police chief David Duckenfield to face retrial, judge rules

Former chief superintendent David Duckenfield, who was in charge during the 1989 FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough, UK will face a retrial over the death of 95 Liverpool fans, a judge ruled on Tuesday. The trial is scheduled to take place on October 7 at Preston Crown Court, in North West England. Duckenfield, 74, was charged with gross negligence manslaughter for 95 of the 96 people who died in a crush, which took place in the stands during the April 1989 match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. Lawyers representing Duckenfield opposed the application for a retrial submitted by the Crown Prosecution Service. Earlier this year, the jury in the first 10-week trial was unable to deliver a verdict with the required majority of 10-2. The former police chief had denied the charges.

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