Hotel staff who drugged and gang raped British mum on holiday jailed


Five Italian hotel staff members, who drugged and gang raped a British mum before posting the video of the attack in a sick Whatsapp group, have been jailed. The mum-of-one, 50, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had taken her daughter on holiday to Hotel Alimuri in Sorrento, Naples, following the death of her husband. But on the last day of their trip in October, 2016, the pair were reportedly drugged and the mother was taken to a store cupboard where she was repeatedly raped. Images and videos of the horrific attack were later shared in a Whatsapp group called ‘Dirty Habits’. Prosecutor Antonio Barba had called on a judge for the men to be ‘made an example of’ and sentence them to 45 years, reported The Sun. However, judge Francesco Todisco sentenced the attackers to 36 years in total. Gennearo Davide Gargiulo, was given nine years, Antonio Miniero and Fabio De Virgilio, were both given eight, Francesco D’antonio, was sentenced to seven, while Rafaela Regio got four years. All are either employees or former employees at Hotel Almuri. Following the ruling, the victim’s lawyer Lucilla Longone, told the paper: ‘My client was waiting apprehensively at home for the verdict. When I told her the outcome she was delighted and thanked me for my help. ‘Hopefully this decision will now help her get on with her life.’ In a victim impact statement read on behalf of the woman to the court, she said she felt like she was ‘having an out of body experience’ during the attack. Her daughter also gave a traumatic account of how the hotel staff drugged the pair at the bar. The court heard how the incident began when two barmen had served them drinks spiked with date rape drug, before they ‘focused their attention on the older woman’. She was raped twice in a side room next to the pool, then handed over to the barmens’ colleagues and attacked again in the staff room, where they filmed the horrific ordeal. The victim was then dumped in her room, before she headed back to her home in Kent the following day and reported the incident. All five men were arrested after officers trawled through work logs and later found images of the woman on the group chat. The mother’s phone also contained images showing two men who were identified by their tattoos. DNA matching that of Miniero and D’Antonio was also found under the victim’s fingernails. The court heard how drug tests revealed high levels of the date rape drug GHB in her system. Prosecutors attempted to claim the victim had been taking a form of tranquilisers to cope with the recent passing of her husband.