Independence on The Rise as Catalans Prepare to Head to the Polls Again

The Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió has published a third opinion poll this year on Catalan Independence, on 31 October, 2017. While the result of the last poll showed 41% for independence and 49% against, the more recent one has 49% in favour and 44% against. This significant increase took place during the aftermath of the referendum. Thus, the recent events and incompetence of the central government appears to have tipped the balance in favour of independence. The reaction to the repression was predictable. Therefore, if elections are to be held shortly, pro-independence parties would no doubt win again and so, what did this show of force from Madrid result in? The central government, not content with letting things be, has gone even further in its zeal to punish people. The Guardia has raided offices of the Mossos, Catalan politicians have been imprisoned, including eight Catalan ministers, others who fled to Brussels, including Puidgemont along with four other ministers, had warrants out for their arrest and have surrendered to the Belgian authorities, and Catalonia continues to be governed by Madrid. Some have commented that this action is a deflection away from more corruption going on by the central government. In any case, the outrageous disrespect for democracy in Spain shows no sign of abating, starting with the prohibition of a peaceful vote for self-determination, to the pitting of law enforcement officers against each other, to the imprisonment of elected members of parliament, and now to Catalan senior politicians being arrested. Far from the exercise of power it may wish to project, the central government is sinking further into utter bathos. It not only looks increasingly ludicrous, as the Spanish government’s answer is only through the use of force, but this now unnecessary drive is only going to foment still more opposed reaction on the part of Catalans. The repression perpetrated by the myopic Rajoy is clearly reflected in the numbers in Catalonia, with support for independence already at a majority. So, now, the question is, what will happen after the next elections in Catalonia, where in the last ones, pro-independence parties already won a majority?

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