Marbella, Benidorm or La Manga del Mar Menor Could Disappear Due to Climate Change Warns Greenpeace

The environmental NGO Greenpeace has presented a new report that reveals how rising sea levels in Spain could mean the end of Marbella, Benidorm, La Manga or San Sebastián. Greenpeace has presented its findings in a report entitled: Spain: Towards a Extreme Climate. Risks of Failing to Halt Climate Change and Ice Melt, presented on Tuesday to mark Earth Day. If we fail to prevent the melting of the Arctic and curb climate change, estimates suggest that the Mediterranean will have risen half a meter by 2064, which in turn means a regression of the coastline of 500 meters in land. With popular tourist destinations such as Benidorm or Marbella risking getting wiped off the face of the map, others such as Torrevieja or Nerja may also be at stake. The effects on tourism and the Spanish economy would be devastating. Greenpeace warns that climate change will have a long list of impacts on Spain, including rising temperatures, higher risk of wildfires, rising sea levels and massive waves, spate of storms and gales, ocean acidification and a dramatic increase in greenhouse gases. The environmentalists also suggest that Malaria and Tiger mosquitoes may find their way to Spain, threatening not only people but also the production of wine.

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