Marbella Mayor’s Magazine costs 10,000 euros per month

(Updated) The PSOE party of Marbella has revealed the cost the government has spent on the printing of the Mayor’s new “AM” magazine, without counting the cost of distribution. In the following six months, from July to December, 59,900 euros will be spent on printing the new AM magazine, an amount which breaks down to 9983.33 euros per month, according to figures released by PSOE’s secretary general Jose Bernal and secretary of communication of PSOE Andalusia, Francisco Conejo. And all this without even taking into account the cost of distribution. Bernal further claims that the town’s Mayor, Angeles Muñoz, “is not concerned about the crisis, but merely for her image.” In the magazine “where her picture appears least it was counted 27 times.” All this while the city’s debt towards small and medium sized businesses and suppliers amounted to 23 million euros. While most companies and institutions are adjusting their cost of advertising, Angeles Muñoz continues her campaign of waste, with the sole purpose of promoting her image. In February this year, Angeles Muñoz together with the Concillor of Tourism, Jose Luis Hernandez visited New York as part of a “promotional” tour to emphasize the economic potential of Marbella. The trip which allegedly cost 21,000 euros is yet to show the fruits it has bared. Opposition leaders question the effectiveness of the campaign as well as the declared costs.

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