New Terrace Regulations to Affect 12,000 Hospitality Jobs in Barcelona

The government of Barcelona has recently approved new regulations that may affect up to 12,000 hospitality jobs, according to restaurant and bar owners. The new rules seek to regulate in detail the use of tables and chairs. The terrace must be at least 1.8 meters from the restaurant façade and 1 meter from the pavement border, for example. Tables and chairs must also be at least 5 meters from urban furniture. These changes have hospitality business owners up in arms, with many losing a number of tables from their terrace. Restaurateurs claim that cutting back on the magnitude of their terraces during the high season can mean a loss of up to 60%. They also suggest that for every three tables lost, one employee will be let go, which could mean a total of up to 12,000 people may lose their jobs. Hospitality business owners have requested that the new norms do not get applied before the end of the summer season.

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