Rightwing politician Francisco Correa charged with corruption

Francisco Correa may have lived his life similar to Vito Corleone from the Godfather, and kept company with some of the highest in statue in the Spanish political society, but now he may be headed to jail, as the head of one of the largest corruption schemes at the heart of the People’s party. According to details released about the corruption network, it involved €20,000 watches, and gifts to politicians as well as vehicles as Correa laundered money, and used public contracts to get rich. According to documents gathered by the court, at least one official received a monthly payment from Correa, while others simply got top of the end cars and watches, in exchange for aid. In total, investigators believe that Correa’s group may have given about 17 politicians around €5.5 million. More evidence may be included in the trial as the National Court of Madrid has only made a third of the evidence in the case against Correa public.

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