Spain Has Less Doctors, Hospital Beds And Hospitals, Says WHO

According to the World Health Statistics 2014 published by the World Health Organization, the health system in Spain is under serious threat with a reduction in the number of doctors, beds and hospitals. In 2013, Spain took the tenth place in the world ranking of number of doctors per 10,000 inhabitants, coming in on place 16 in the latest edition of the report. From 39.6 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants, Spain now has 37 doctors. Countries that beat Spain in the number of doctors per 10,000 inhabitants include Bulgaria (38.1), Germany (38.1), and Italy (40.9). But that is not all, Spain has also seen a reduction in the number of hospital beds and hospitals according to the WHO. The number of hospitals in Spain has dropped to 1.6 per 10,000 inhabitants and the number of hospital beds has dropped from 32 in 2012 to 31 in 2013 (per 10,000 inhabitants). The number of nurses in Spain is 50.8 per 10,000 inhabitants, far away from the European average, which is 80.5 per 10,000 Europeans.

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