Tech Highlights From The Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017

This week, Barcelona has hosted yet again the annual Mobile World Congress, the biggest tech event on the earth. Redefining mobile electronics, this 30-yr old congress was once about mobile phones and telecommunications. However, its exhibit has increased. The term ‘mobile’ now consists of any moveable hi-tech device, such as robots, drones and autonomous cars. The next essential leap, 5G, became the dominant discussion. The ‘superfast cellular data’ has no exact release date yet, but, Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America announced , “5G will connect everybody, and everything”. The telecommunications supplier Qualcomm and LG said that they will bring 5G communications to cars. The subject of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) appeared at the event also. It is expanding beyond machines, with the purpose of interacting better with humans. The possibility of AI taking over entire communication networks, and identifying and fixing problems efficiently are hopeful results that wish to be seen in the near future. 2017’s congress has seen a blend of old and new, as Nokia re-launched its iconic 3310 handset. The new appears with the companies of Huawei, LG, Sony, and Samsung, launching the P10, G6, XZ Premium, and Galaxy Tab S3 respectively. Other big launches can be found here. Blackberry, now owned by Chinese company TCL Communications, made a reappearance with the new Blackberry KeyOne. Running on an Android operating system, the device features both touch screen and a similar keyboard to its previous devices. Phone cameras are a major point of interest, however can they be perfected? The Mobile World Congress has proved that phone cameras can get better as significant upgrades have arrived. Huawei, has improved its Leica lenses with astonishing portrait photography; Sony has included, in its new phone device, the capability to shoot very slow motion videos in high definition. Other companies have also upped their game in camera tech, however, tech giants such as Apple and Samsung will respond later this year with their expected iPhone 8 and S8 respectively.

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