‘The UK will split apart before Spain,’ says Spanish foreign minister


The Spanish Foreign minister, Josep Borrell, said on Tuesday that the United Kingdom will split apart before Spain.

“I’m much more worried about the unity of the UK than the unity of the Kingdom of Spain,” he said during an interview with ‘Politico’ in Brussels.

According to Borrell “the UK will split apart before Spain.”

The Spanish minister was answering questions about Scottish independence in the context of Brexit.

Borrell said that if Scotland gets independence and “Westminster agrees,” Spain will not veto its access to the European Union. “If Westminster agrees [to independence] why would we be against it?” he asked.

According to Borrell, the risks to the UK’s territorial unity are “a clear sign of the UK’s weaknesses” in the Brexit debate.

The Spanish minister insisted that his government will vote against the Brexit draft deal on Sunday if Madrid cannot secure veto power regarding Gibraltar.