Torrevieja Rugby Union Club changes their name


Rugby in Torrevieja has a history that goes back twenty years to 1990, when tey simply known as ‘Torrevieja Rugby Club’. As far as anyone can tell, they played for one season, then disappeared! Forward to 2005 when a group of expats organised another rugby team in the city: ‘Torrevieja Rugby Union Club’. Half a decade later and with the growth of the club and change in organisational structure, the club has had to change its statues, organizational structure and name, to keep up with modern times and regulations. With the promise of new training facilities, an International quality pitch to play and train upon, the club has experienced terrific growth in just a few months and built up its squad from 53 players in 2008/09 to 170 players for the 2009/10 season. However, this growth is manly due to recruitment drives in local schools, which now allows Torrevieja to send teams to different competitions around Spain in all age groups. As this season comes to an end, the club now has 28 Pre-benjamines Mixed (-8) 29 Benjamines Mixed (-10) 32 Alevines Mixed (-12) 13 Infantiles Male (-14) 11 infantiles Female (-14) 14 Cadetes Male (-16) 13 Cadetes Female (-16) 6 juveniles (-18) 24 Senior Male (+18) with many local players also representing Alicante in local competition. Juan Cejudo, Jorge Rafael Vieira Gallach, now head up the ‘new’ club and have decided to change the name to ‘Club Rugby Charranes Torrevieja’. The choice of ‘Charranes’ may not roll off the tongue too eloquently but you twitchers out there will know this as the ‘Tern’, a species of bird that frequents the Park Natural Laguna de Torrevieja and La Mata, of which all Torrevejense are proud. The club is now stepping up a level in organisation and has raised itself from one run by a group of enthusiastic expats to one with passionate new blood, at both the committee and playing levels, with an objective to raise the standards and playing ability levels, especially among the youngest players, to really put the city on the Spanish Rugby map. Under the new directive, it is intended to promote Torrevieja at all levels by encouraging tourism through inviting foreign and national teams to the city and encouraging other clubs to become more involved. Everyone, from both sexes, is invited to come along and find out more or to play for the club. They are always on the lookout for coaches, trainers, specialists and sponsors, all to help take the club to the next level. The club trains Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:15 to 18:30. For more information please call 650 494 382. And get involved with Torrevieja’s ‘other’ football team.