Watch live: Heavy police presence at Moscow opposition protest

Thousands of protesters are expected at an unauthorised rally in Moscow on Saturday to denounce opposition figures allegedly being prevented from taking part in September’s city council election. You can watch live footage on this page from around 13h CEST as well as updates from our correspondent Galina Polonskaya. Opposition figures say Russian authorities are trying to intimidate them in the hope of getting the demonstration scrapped. Russian police detained at least 89 people in Moscow ahead of the protest, according to OVD-Info, a Russian monitoring group. “Investigators raided my home, withdrew my computers and telephone. They want to prevent us from taking to the streets,” Dmitry Gudkov told Euronews on the eve of the rally. “We want to participate in political life and elections. We want to be in the legal field but they have rejected us from that. If we’re not in the election race, we are in the streets,” Gudkov said as he stood outside the Russian Investigative Committee where he said he was summoned for interrogation. Gudkov believes he might be arrested before the protest. Meanwhile leading Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was jailed on Wednesday for 30 days for calling on people to protest. The popularity of candidates backed by the Kremlin has been falling and opposition figures are confident of gaining support in the capital. But many of them have been allegedly barred from contesting the elections on the grounds they haven’t got enough signatures of support. Opposition leaders have urged people to show up saying this is not just a local Moscow issue, but is a reflection of the political scene all over Russia. “Get out on the streets, leave your comfortable sofa because your sofa is your coffin,” added Gudkov.

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