Your Thursday Briefing

Dozens killed in escalating Israeli-Palestinian violenceAn explosive new round of hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants intensified with frightening speed, as Israel continued its airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and Hamas responded with more than 1,000 rockets, most of which Israel’s antimissile defense system intercepted. Follow live updates here.The fighting has now spread to Israel’s streets, in a wave of mob violence between Jews and Arabs. Israeli officials said they had “locked down” the city of Lod, the first such action in decades, and arrested 280 people across the country who were accused of rioting.Palestinian discontent has festered for years in the absence of peace talks between the two sides, and with little international pressure on Israel to compromise or grant any concessions to Arabs living under occupation.In densely populated Gaza, there are few places to find shelter from the strikes. Palestinians do what little they can, like leaving windows open so they won’t burst into shards, or moving to ground-level apartments and rooms.

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